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What is MetaModules?

MetaModules is a framework for model driven software development.

It covers all aspects of a complete model engineering workbench, from visual and textual editors, over code generators for model transformation, JEE persistence, web services to scalable model-management.

It is fully-integrated into the Eclipse IDE.

Model Driven Engineering

MDE provides a new methodology to develop software with less programming effort and higher quality. Models are used to describe and abstract from a business domain. The model information is used to generate program code and can be interpreted during runtime to control software systems.
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Code Generation

Our products provide code generation capabilities beyond the simple ad hoq approaches of current modeling tools.
See e.g. our generic generator for JEE persistence which bridges the OO/ORM impedance mismatch.
Generate a high performance relational database from a complex UML model without any low-level annotations.
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Tools and Consulting

We provide tools and consulting to enable your organization to use Model Driven Enginering in your development process.
You can use our products out of the box or we help you to tailor the development tools to your needs.
Use our expertise to define domain specific languages (DSLs) to capture your business requirements and to generate application code and configuration data.
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CodeGeneration 2014 at Cambridge

I go to Cambridge and will present our ALF plugin for Eclipse.

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