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Here we are! Some code highlighting: [java] class Otto extends Hugo { int i = 1; String heinz = „hello world!“; } [/java] with selection: [js highlight=“2″] window.addEvent(‚domready‘, function(){ console.info(‚Hello Enlighter‘); }); [/js] Here a group of code [codegroup] [js tab=“Javascript Message“] window.addEvent(‚domready‘, function(){ // display string on console console.info(‚Hello Enlighter‘); // show element $(‚#myelement‘).show(); }); [/js] [html] INITIALIZATION START [/html] [css tab=“Styling“] #myelement{ color: #cc2222; padding: 15px; font-size: 20px; text-align: center; } [/css] [/codegroup]